Cronachediordinariorazzismo.org is a website devoted to the analysis, information and communication on racism. It is managed by Lunaria in cooperation with individuals, associations and movements that fight for equal opportunities and for the guarantee of citizenship rights for all.

Since 1996 Lunaria has been promoting research activities, awareness campaigns and information initiatives on migrations and racism. All our activities are supported by an intensive work of networking at local, national and European level. Click here for more info about Lunaria and its activities about migrations and racism.

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Why a new website dealing with racism?

Because we believe that a dangerous process of political, social and cultural endorsement of racism is considerably changing the attitude of the Italian society towards foreign citizens. We wish to follow up the work carried out with the white book on racism edited by Lunaria in 2009 and published by Manifestolibri with the title Rapporto sul Razzismo in Italia. We aim at promoting an on line initiative based on information, communication, analysis on racism but also with the intention to advocate an action that could strengthen the anti racist culture and practices in Italy.

Everyday racism

We want to avoid that the reality of racism continues to be denied and removed: we believe it is essential to monitor, analyze and report about the different forms that shape racism in the areas of social, economical and political life of our country. We devote a special attention to the forms of racism endorsed by our institutions and to the manifold forms of stigma against migrants and Roma people proposed and channeled by our media. An online database discloses the synthetic narration of cases of discrimination in our society and in the world of information, politics and within our institutions. These cases were either directly reported to us by individuals and associations or published by the media. A selection of monitored cases will be available in the second edition of the white book on racism that will be presented during next autumn 2011.

Our campaigns

We want to exploit the opportunities offered by the new technologies to promote raising awareness and protest campaigns offering an alternative counter information starting by specific cases and reported facts. Each time we target specific audiences and we use different means according to our objectives: petitions, open letters, mass mailing destined to the institutional actors either at local or national level, press campaigns as well as initiatives of mobilization off line.

We would like this site to facilitate a further motivation to action and to be a tool for all those who are interested in involving themselves in first person in order to prevent the spreading of racism in our country.

Close up

We wish to emphasize the culture and the good practices of protection against discriminations and racism. We offer a section devoted to the current events with news and updates on the most relevant facts connected to the policies of migrations and to the laws and the regulations in the field of discriminations and racism.

In depth analysis

We collect surveys, papers, articles and publications that may support a deep and accurate analysis, of a very multifaceted trend that cannot be treated superficially. We can perform this thanks to the network of organizations, associations, social movements, researchers, social workers, migrants and journalists with whom we are constantly in touch.

Report on Racism

In a specific section, it is possible to find the first edition of the Rapporto sul razzismo in Italia (Report on Racism in Italy) edited by Lunaria in 2009. From autumn 2011, we will release the Italian and English versions of the second edition

Antiracist people in movement

Cronachediordinariorazzismo.org is at your service: a special part is reserved to display and support the initiatives, the campaigns and all the actions promoted by the civil society that aim at guaranteeing the rights of citizenship for all.

An open space

Cronachediordinariorazzismo.org represents a space open to the cooperation of all those who believe that equality and fair opportunities are not ideas belonging to the past, but current objectives to pursue with perseverance through a direct commitment.

All those who are interested to help and support us can write to info@cronachediordinariorazzismo.org




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